Tents of Hope

The Tents of Hope project seeks to respond to the situation in Darfur and Sudan. The mission of the Tents of Hope project is to support a one-year process in which people respond as communities to the crisis in Darfur, Sudan by creating tents that are both unique works of art and ongoing focal points within communities for learning about, assisting and establishing relationships with the people of Sudan. The tents are not answers in themselves. Rather, they are points of entry for more concrete forms of Darfur advocacy.

Tents of Hope has created the Tent2Tent program as a variation on the sister city model. Tents of Hope is working in partnership with the i-ACT project of Stop Genocide Now to bring together U.S. communities and communities in Darfuri refugee camps in Chad. Through video and other forms of communication, participants will see the people of the camps, hear their voices and learn about their hopes and dreams. And Darfuris will be able to meet U.S. citizen and communities.

Tents of Hope provides information on obtaining and creating a tent. Suggestions for action ideas are also available.

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