3D Security: Take One

Lisa_shirch "Security doesn’t land in a helicopter. It grows from the ground up." That concept lies at the heart of 3D Security.

Lisa Schirch, professor of peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, presented the idea of 3D Security and how it works during the recent Peacemaking Conference.

The thinking behind 3D Security begins with the recognition that security today requires a variety of tools as nations seek to address complex threats. The toolkit includes hundreds of different tool like treaties, negotiation, advocacy, law enforcement, economic development, and trade policies. These tools can be categorized broadly under the headings of Development, Diplomacy and Defense; the 3D’s of security.

Too often, Schirch suggests, the U.S. has relied most heavily on Defense at the expense of Development and Diplomacy and the tools they bring that could prove far more effective at promoting peace and security.

The Presbyterian News Service has posted a story about Lisa’s presentation.

Photo by Amanda Craft

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