Soldiers of Conscience

I showed the video Soldiers of Conscience yesterday at Ghost Ranch.

This award-winning full-length documentary film focuses on our soldiers, serving in Iraq as the face the most difficult moral decision of their lives: to kill or not to kill.

Eight solders are profiled. Most have seen active duty in Iraq. All are torn between the demands of duty and the call of conscience. They make different decisions.

Four reach the conclusion that they cannot kill. The film explores what happens when each acts on his conscience.

The film provides a look at what it is like to serve in Iraq — what we are asking our sisters and brothers to do.

It also explores the dimensions of conscience involved in making the decision to serve in the military — and the decision to kill.

Soldiers of Conscience is scheduled to air on P.O.V. on PBS on October 16, 2008 at 9:00 PM. As always, check your PBS listings.

You also might want to contact your local PBS station and encourage them to show Soldiers of Conscience.

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