Contact House Candidates: Ban Cluster Bombs

Candidates for the U.S. House need to hear now that voters support a cluster bomb ban so that they will feel urgency to ban these indiscriminate weapons after the election. Please urge your House candidates to call for a ban on the use and export of these horrible weapons, which have killed and maimed tens of thousands of civilians.

  • More than half the world’s governments met in Dublin, Ireland, in May and agreed to a global ban on cluster bombs.
  • Nearly one-quarter of the Senate has endorsed legislation banning these weapons.
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Pope, UNICEF, and the American Academy of Pediatrics all support a cluster bomb ban.

Despite the increasing worldwide rejection of these weapons, the Pentagon says that the U.S. military will continue to produce, use, and export cluster munitions for another 10 years.

Find out more about the global effort to ban cluster bombs.

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