Pre Conference Events Begin


Conference leaders began arriving on Saturday. Participants in pre-conference events made their way to Chapman on Sunday with those events beginning Sunday evening.

Presbytery peacemaking leaders are taking part in a training led by Ervin Bullock, Associate for Peacemaking Network Nurture and Support. Participants are exploring ways to help their presbyteries and the congregations within those presbyteries engage in ministries of peacemaking and justice.

A second group is exploring the theology and practices of communal discernment. Case studies of how Presbyterians have used discernment processes will be shared, as will a newly published booklet on “Guidelines for Communal Discernment.” Vicky Curtiss is serving as the facilitator.

The Joining Hands Against Hunger (JHAH) program has brought together representatives of networks in other countries with representatives of their partners in coalitions of churches in the United States. The focus of JHAH is to address the inequities and suffering resulting from the spread of globalization, through community education, advocacy, alternative economic activities, lifestyle changes and spiritual grounding. Participants will nurture relationships and explore, envision, and begin to implement ways to support one another in ministry.

The Hunger Program is also providing a training for Hunger Action Enablers.

Tomorrow afternoon, the conference begins with Moderator Bruce Reyes-Chow and others  sharing leadership in the opening event.

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