Gun Violence, Gospel Values

LogoGun Violence, Gospel Values

September 15-17, 2008

Stony Point Center, New York

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Some 30,000 Americans die by guns each year in the United States. An average of eighty people are killed by guns every day, including eight children (PDF). One thousand people die each day in the developing world from small arms.

Gun violence is of deep concern to the followers of Jesus who are called to envision a society in which God’s justice reigns, where an open hand and a turned cheek replace retaliation, where love of enemies is as important as love of neighbor.

Register now (PDF) for this important event where participants will explore ways to implement Christ’s vision of peace in a culture filled with gun violence.

Together we will learn about gun violence and explore ways the church of Jesus Christ can respond and live out its role to bring peace where there is violence. Leading thinkers and organizers will update and equip us; workshops will provide hands-on analysis and action ideas; together we will explore how Gospel values can lead us to build a culture of peace.

This event is sponsored by Stony Point Center, the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy, the Synod of the Northeast Public Policy Advocacy Network, Albany Presbytery, and Monmouth Presbytery.

The 218th General Assembly (2008) passed a statement encouraging Presbyterians to pray and act to address gun violence.

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