The Banner Anniversary

Img_1514_web_3 This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Commitment to Peacemaking. Over 4,500 Presbyterian congregations, as well as several presbyteries and at least one synod, have affirmed this Commitment.

The Commitment makes a public commitment that working for peace and seeking justice in the name of Jesus Christ is a central part of the ministry and mission of the congregation, governing body or other group.

The Commitment serves as a tool to shape and inspire and guide the ministry of the congregation, governing body or other group. The Commitment identifies 8 areas in which peacemaking may be done: Worship, Prayer and Bible Study, Peacemaking in Families and Congregations, Community Ministries, Study and Response to Global Issues, Global Security, Making Peace with the Earth, and Receiving the Peacemaking Offering. Congregations can use this range of ministry areas as they plan and implement their peacemaking ministries.

For the 25th Anniversary, the Peacemaking Program invited congregations to make banners celebrating their peacemaking ministries. They were invited to bring them to General Assembly for the Peacemaking Program’s dinner where they will be displayed. As commissioners arrived, so did banners — creative, amazing banners celebrating creative, amazing ministries.

After the assembly and the Peacemaking Conference, pictures of the banners as well as descriptions and stories of the ministries will be featured on the Peacemaking Program’s Web page.

For these amazing banners and the amazing ministries they represent, we give thanks to God.

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