Conversing about immigration issues

Logo144px Dialog continues around just immigration within the Presbyterian Church (USA) and in other communities concerned with the treatment of immigrants in this country.  The network of Presbyterians for Just Immigration in collaboration with the Immigrations Issues Office of PC(USA) is asking interested individuals to participate in hosting a conversation during the "Night of 1000 Conversations."  The Rights Working Group has invited groups to host conversations to learn more about the Department of Homeland Security’s practices that often violate human rights of citizens and immigrants.  The event includes a post card writing campaign to the Department of Homeland Security to express concerns.  The "Night of 1000 Conversations" will be held on June 19, 2008.  You can learn more about hosting an event and registering an event at Rights Working Group.  If you will be attending General Assembly of the PC(USA) in San Jose an open house on immigrant issues will be hosted by the Immigration Issues Office of the Presbyterian Church (USA) on June 23rd.  Stop by the immigration display housed within the Office of the General Assembly area in the exhibit hall for more information.

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