South Africa: Rainbow School

4_rainbow It started in a building built of shipping containers. Today, the children of the Rainbow School after-school study programme fill the rooms of JL Zwane Presbyterian Church and Centre. They gather around teachers for two hours of tutoring. Children come from mainstream public schools and from private schools. The school provides support and a hot meal for the children. Warmth radiates and energy crackles as 125 children and 10 teachers learn and grow.

Under the apartheid regime, the educational system functioned to suppress black people, providing only a minimal education. Many dropped out as a result.

As the new South Africa was born and is being nurtured, the need to increase the educational level and skill set remains. The Rainbow School seeks to address this. The Rainbow School was created during the time that the Rev. Sara Holben, PC(USA) mission worker) served as Associate Pastor. Presbyterian Women provided a grant to the school through the Thank Offering program.

Photo by Kyle Kittrell

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