South Africa: Connecting Pain

Possible_with_joys_second_post_2 Joy Gaska, Guest Author

A question I struggled with last night was: "How has your pain connected with the pain you have witnessed". As I reflect on that question what I struggle with is the world that I was born into. My sisters in Chirst live and are suffering under circumstances I will never have to survive. HIV/AIDS is killing off my generation. I was born into a world in which I never missed a meal, was taught to stand up for myself, to say "no" when appropriate, to follow my dreams, to have choices, to have an education, to take a self defense class in high school for credit and the list can go on. I am pained by the contrast of our lives and struggling how now, to live in my reality.

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Photo of Hendrix Mwenelupembe and Joy Gaska by Janet Guyer.

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