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Theologically speaking

The objective of this brief reflection is to explore the theological interplay between the Bible and racism. Being an African-Jamaican, I have embraced the Christian faith through Presbyterian missionary Christianity. For me, Scripture centers on being “the Word of the Lord.”

The Great ‘Co-mission’

Proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel and making known to others the teachings of Jesus has been integral to the church since its earliest days. We may ask, why does the church share its faith in Jesus Christ this way? The simple answer: We do it because Jesus commands us to do it (Matthew 28:19–20).

Trade and tariff systems prevent cocoa processing in West Africa

At a recent worship service, we read from the end of the book of Revelation. It described the beautiful vision of the New Jerusalem descending from heaven to Earth, and God coming to dwell among the people and the world God created. Listening to it read, I was struck again by the image of the tree of life on the banks of the river, producing new fruit for each of the 12 months of the year.

Finding meaning in a difficult shared history

I still visualize the words etched into a granite slab on a wall of Elmina, a stately castle on the coast of Ghana, constructed in 1482 by the Portuguese:

Learning English in a French-speaking country

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Togo, known by its French acronym EEPT, is the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) partner in this small West Africa nation, which is about half the size of Ohio. The church trains its pastors in the city of Atakpame at a beautiful setting atop one of the hills in town. Mountainous Atakpame is where the southern rain forests of Togo give way to the country’s central savanna.

West Africa Initiative brings economic equality

Three Presbyterian organizations work together to help people in Sierra Leone, Liberia By Cynthia White, Former SDOP Coordinator Editor’s note: Cynthia White served as coordinator of SDOP prior to her retirement… Read more »


Muslims and Christians commit to living ‘together in peace’

At a time when Christian-Muslim relations are discussed daily in nearly every corner of the world, Niger in West Africa remains one of the best examples of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence between the two faiths.