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the way forward commission

PC(USA) communications survey results are in

In May, a denominational communications survey was launched to determine what the Church most wants and needs from Communications. Nearly 11,000 people responded to questions including “What is most useful about communications from the national offices?” and “What is most frustrating?” and “What denominational information would you like that you are not currently getting?” Some of their responses might surprise you.

미국장로교 ‘A Corp’에 대한 논의

장로교 선교국 이사회(PMAB)는 어제 2시간 반에 걸친 전화 컨퍼런스를 통해 정치 태스크포스(GTF)의 제안과 그 기관의 구조와 운영에 대한 권고 사항을 토의했다. 모든 기관 검토위원회(AARC) 및 앞으로 나아갈 길 전권위원회(WFC)에 의해 “A Corp.”라고 불리는 법인의 기능을 포함한다.

Discussions of PC(USA) ‘A Corp’ at an impasse

The Presbyterian Mission Agency Board (PMAB) held a nearly two-and-a-half-hour conference call yesterday to discuss a proposal by its Governance Task Force (GTF) in light of recommendations made to the structure and operation of the agency’s corporate function — commonly referred to as the “A Corp” — by the All Agency Review Committee (AARC) and Way Forward Commission (WFC).

Decision not to merge OGA and PMA eclipses All Agency Review business

On the day of an eclipse that obscured 96 percent of the sun in Louisville, the All Agency Review Committee of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) meeting here shed light on the year-long conversation regarding the makeup of the denomination’s agency structure.

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board elects new Executive Committee

The Presbyterian Mission Agency Board (PMAB) met today via conference call to nominate and elect its new Executive Committee in addition to considering an appointment to the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program (PILP). The board also received updates from the Executive Director search team and the Governance Task Force.