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small membership churches

Think your church needs 100 people to make a difference? Jesus changed the world with just 12.

Not too long ago our presbytery meeting was held at a cathedral-like church with thick stone, intricate stained glass and a grand, high pulpit. As I climbed the steps to the pulpit, I swear the air got thinner. When I got to the top and behind the mic, I felt like I was commanding a starship. There was a smooth wooden shelf encircling the area, like an expansive console surrounding me, but without flashing computer screens. I felt like I could pilot the church straight to heaven. As I looked down upon my colleagues something inside me felt strange. Then I realized what it was. I had pulpit envy.

Minute for Mission: Small-Membership Churches

Minute for Mission: Small-Membership Churches As we lift up small-membership churches today, let us remember God’s promise to David: “I will provide a place for my people . . . and will plant them . . . .” (2 Samuel 7:10 NIV).