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Synod of the Covenant and Science for the Church team to offer webinar on tending to clergy mental health

During the second of three webinars offered by the Synod of the Covenant and Science for the Church, this one held last week on the mental health and well-being of clergy and church leaders, Dr. David C. Wang of Fuller Theological Seminary laid out the reasons — many related to Covid — that church leaders are impacted by more mental health challenges than they were just three years ago.

Synod of the Covenant webinar explores a provocative question: Can our faith make us well?

When Jesus assures the woman who’d suffered 12 years from a flow of blood that “your faith has made you well,” he was stating a truth that applies to people of faith today as well, according to the Rev. Drew Rick-Miller. Rick-Miller, project co-director for Science for the Church, led a webinar last week for the Synod of the Covenant on how faith and faith practices contribute to people’s well-being.

Science has a place in our faith

Science and faith are not at all incompatible. Faith gives us hope for a better world, and science provides the tools to help us get there.

‘I believe God is holding us accountable for this’

Health care inequities that sicken and kill people of color undermine communities. Reducing those inequities will require working together to improve health care quality, accessibility and affordability for everyone.

Webinar explores race, science and the church

Wednesday’s online forum Race, Science and the Church uncovered some surprising facts, including this one: Eugenics, which had its heyday between 1880 and 1930 and may be returning in new forms today with genetic engineering techniques like CRISPR, received support from, among others, religious progressives.