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rev. nancy smith-mather

Jidu is gone but his memory lives on

In a recent letter, the Rev. Nancy Smith-Mather, a mission co-worker, said one of the most difficult things about living in another country is the distance from family.

A yellow tricycle and a magical plate of biscuits

Validating loss and understanding our feelings is a concept not difficult to grasp during a global pandemic. But for mission co-workers the Revs. Nancy and Shelvis Smith-Mather, their seven-year-old son Jordan reminded them that sometimes you have to find the courage to lean into the pain to get through it.

Documenting the Church’s role in peacebuilding

For the Rev. Shelvis Smith-Mather, the road to the majestic halls of Oxford University took a journey of nine years and three continents. But it is, he says, a “crazy, wonderful, beautiful story.” “And… a long story, but the details of the many stops and starts along the way speaks to how it has come together now in God’s time,” he said.