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Food and health crisis worsens for people in capital of South Sudan

Deteriorating conditions in the South Sudanese capital city of Juba have left thousands of people in desperate need of food, shelter and health services. Fighting broke out between rival factions on July 8 and while a ceasefire is currently in place, the humanitarian needs have escalated.

World Day Against Trafficking Persons is July 30

At least two and a half million people are trapped in modern-day slavery according to information released by the United Nations in 2015. One in four of those who are kidnapped, tricked or manipulated into some form of slavery such as forced labor, organ removal or prostitution is a child.

South Sudan churches ask for prayers and advocacy to end violence

Global partners in South Sudan continue to ask for prayers, but also for advocacy. The fragile cease-fire in the country is holding for the moment. The Rt. Rev. Peter Gai, chair of the South Sudan Council Churches and Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, said by phone Friday afternoon that for the moment, the city feels calm.

3 and 32 and 30

Don’t worry that title is not a new form of math. It’s a framework to understand the Presbyterian Church’s role in the advocacy initiative to say “no child soldiers”. The Optional Protocol on the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict is an international treaty that prohibits the exploitation of children as soldiers.