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Boston church gets creative with the arts

A Boston church is showcasing the works of artists, musicians, writers, photographers and others as a way to glorify God and God’s grace.

No choir during COVID-19, no problem

When the pandemic stopped her choir from singing, Kathie Mades used her creativity to write a children’s book to teach empathy and compassion.

Crisis & Creativity

Creative endeavors — music, painting, baking, writing — can be a powerful outlet in times of crisis to free the mind from routines and foster growth.

Church needs creative outlet to fail and learn

Two years ago, I collaborated with colleagues and friends to develop an experimental, art-making, spirit-stirring, imagination space called Creation Lab. We believed that the church needed spaces set aside for creativity and trying new things — a research and design space, if you will.

Brain of an artist, heart of a pastor

Lisle Gwynn Garrity has the ‘great privilege’ of being both an artist and a minister. In her work as founder and creative director of Sanctified Art, Gwynn Garrity leads art retreats and does live paintings during worship at congregations around the country.