Support our siblings affected by disaster, hunger and oppression through One Great Hour of Sharing.

New Beginnings

PDA recovery efforts help Haitians thrive in new communities

The 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti and changed it forever also set Andral Estes’ life on a different course. Estes lost his home and career in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital city, and moved to a rural community on Haiti’s Central Plateau. He now makes his living as a small-scale farmer, a far cry from his former occupation in the insurance industry.

A witness to resurrection hope

While violence and fear continue to pervade war-torn Syria, Presbyterians across the United States are helping those displaced by the conflict rebuild their lives. Thanks to previous gifts given to One Great Hour of Sharing, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) has been able to respond quickly to the refugee crisis.

Vital Congregations

South Presbyterian Church of Rochester, N.Y., is full of energy and vitality, which has not always been the case. Under the faithful, intentional leadership of Pastor Deb Swift, the church made the painful decision to sell their building. Even though it is beautiful, the building had become a burden for this small, declining church. Through New Beginnings, attending our Evangelism conferences, and the church’s heart to be on mission, the leadership of the church made the decision to sell their building without knowing where they would worship.

Congregation’s community garden fosters unity, hope

When Rev. Eric Markman became pastor of Hartford Street Presbyterian Church in Natick, Massachusetts, 5½ years ago, several members warned him not to do anything with the church’s land. Hartford Street Presbyterian had been through a difficult and ultimately unsuccessful effort to create low-income housing on part of its nine acres of land-locked property.