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mission co-worker

Discovering a pandemic silver lining

While Guatemala was struggling with the global pandemic, mission co-workers Eric and Betsey Moe were working remotely from Spokane, Washington.

A Lenten journey to a Guatemalan prison

During the 32 years since my ordination as a Presbyterian minister and mission co-worker, I have engaged in many not-so-ordinary activities of ministry. The chain of events that first introduced me to Virginia Laparra was set into motion on Ash Wednesday, March 2. What has happened since then has pushed me far outside my comfort zone. My pastoral visits with Virginia have stretched me greatly in my own lifelong journey of faith.

‘My faith grows when I am with the people of Haiti’

Even as she’s been working stateside during the pandemic, mission co-corker Cindy Corell continues to walk alongside her Haitian partners. As a recent “Between Two Pulpits” broadcast made clear, Corell’s heart is very much in Haiti, especially following the kidnapping of 12 adults and five children connected with a U.S. missionary organization.

Discovering a pandemic silver lining

A PC(USA) mission co-worker, who’s also a professional musician, performed at the University of Spokane, Washington.

Fair trade co-op lifts Indonesians out of poverty

Economic partnerships open the door for cooperation between Christians and Muslims through the House of Authentic Sense (HAS), Indonesia’s only fair-trade co-op. Like many countries, Indonesia needs development projects that are designed to empower society, especially women, minorities and disabled communities.