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The story of Rising TIDE will float your boat

Monday’s Between Two Pulpits, an online conversation put on each week by Special Offerings’ interim director Dr. Bill McConnell, was a how-to in effective after-school ministry, as told by two pastors who decades ago co-founded Rising TIDE at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Long Beach, California.

A church changed by COVID

Congregations now feel the full impact a two-year global pandemic has had on their ministries, leading them to assess the cost of connecting in new ways.

Where hope comes postmarked

In a small Vermont community, the local post office has become a vital place to connect with neighbors and keep hope alive.

Are you ready for hybrid online/in-person worship?

Sunday morning has become a stressful time for so many pastors who never imagined that their job would involve being an AV tech. “Hallelujah!” is the cry when the internet connection stays up and Zoom properly connects to Facebook Live. After weeks of working on this, many churches are finally thinking, “We’ve got this down.” And now that it’s working, it’s time to go to the next step. Here’s what you need to consider.