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Boston church gets creative with the arts

A Boston church is showcasing the works of artists, musicians, writers, photographers and others as a way to glorify God and God’s grace.

No choir during COVID-19, no problem

When the pandemic stopped her choir from singing, Kathie Mades used her creativity to write a children’s book to teach empathy and compassion.

A pastor shares his passion for storytelling

The church lectern has been pushed aside and the chancel chairs rearranged — just that morning the good news was proclaimed from that space. Now, in a few minutes, another story will be told. As the last of the stragglers enter the sanctuary, quickly and quietly taking their seats, a man dressed in a Victorian frock coat and top hat walks onto the makeshift stage. After a brief dramatic pause, he begins with the opening words of all good stories — “once upon a time.”

Lord of the dance

You would never know from the joyful exuberance of the dancing children that they live in the midst of grinding poverty. The Sancti Spiritus Presbyterian Church of the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba established a mission in Toyos — one of the poorest neighborhoods in the town of Sancti Spiritus — to provide hope to the barrio’s hopeless.

Brain of an artist, heart of a pastor

Lisle Gwynn Garrity has the ‘great privilege’ of being both an artist and a minister. In her work as founder and creative director of Sanctified Art, Gwynn Garrity leads art retreats and does live paintings during worship at congregations around the country.