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PC(USA) pastors and other leaders offer a public apology that was centuries in the making

Dozens of white clergy from churches and mid councils, elected officials and other leaders in Lansing, Michigan, recently gathered at Reachout Christian Center Church to apologize to the African American community for slavery and its aftermath. Among the participants was the Rev. Jermaine Ross-Allam, director of the PC(USA)’s Center for the Repair of Historic Harms.

‘When America gets a cold, the African American community gets pneumonia’

It is said, “When America gets a cold, the African American community gets pneumonia.” The COVID-19 pandemic is proving that to be true. As the virus spreads across the country, it appears that it is impacting African Americans at a disproportionally high rate. In hot spots like New York, Detroit, New Orleans and Chicago, blacks are dying at alarmingly high rates.

COVID-19 and the African American community

St. James Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, North Carolina, did its part Sunday to help inform the wider church on ways COVID-19 is impacting the African American community — and what can be done to reduce those impacts.