Special Offerings

The promise of abundant life

Presbyterians’ generosity to the One Great Hour of Sharing special offering gives the gift of abundant life to people in need.

La Promesa de Vida Abundante

[English] [한국어] Una Gran Hora para Compartir Por Emily Enders Odom | Presbyterians Today En un mundo cada vez más interconectado, nunca la esperanza ha parecido tan cercana y, sin embargo, para Paola M., tan lejana. En 2020, la venezolana nativa recibió la devastadora noticia de que su padre fue diagnosticado con un tipo raro… Read more »

풍요로운 삶에 대한 약속

[English] [Español] 위대한 나눔의 실천 특별헌금 에밀리 엔더스 오돔 I 프레스비테리언스 투데이 세상이 점점 더 가까이 연결되면서 희망 또한 더욱 가까이 있는 것처럼 보인다. 하지만 파올라 M.에게 희망은 그저 저 먼 곳에 있는 것이었다. 베네수엘라 원주민인 그녀는 2020년에 아버지가 위험한 수술이 필요한 희귀한 유형의 위암 진단을 받았다는 끔찍한 소식을 들었다. 수술을 받을 재정이 없었던 파올라는… Read more »

‘You cannot love if your heart is not soft’

Alla Soroka is a 2017 International Peacemaker living and working in Odessa, Ukraine. She’s clearly devoted to her work with at-risk teenagers — even those who are beyond being considered at-risk and are incarcerated.

How your One Great Hour of Sharing gifts are used

As the One Great Hour of Sharing campaign for 2022 enters its home stretch, the special offering’s beneficiary ministries presented a webinar Tuesday highlighting one of its partners in Africa.

Tales from two cities

For their guest on Monday’s edition of Between Two Pulpits, Dr. Bill McConnell and Lynne Foreman engaged the Rev. Jimmie Hawkins, someone with one foot solidly in each of two ministries.

Agents of change in Nigeria

Although Nigeria ranks among Africa’s richest nations, Ohel Swade would never know it.