Presbyterian Mission Agency

Mission Agency board tackles tough discussion of race and Matthew 25

The Presbyterian Mission Agency board meeting started Friday morning with a short worship service that took participants back to 1619. But for her talk, “A Conversation on Racism and Matthew 25,” the Rev. Denise Anderson brought up some slightly more recent history — 2016.

Investment group talks about refocusing on environmental justice, racism

The members of the Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) heard the criticism: While they were making financial decisions about companies that were having a negative impact on the communities around them, the committee members were not engaging with those impacted communities.

Gauging the church’s financial sustainability

Two members of a special committee appointed to explore the financial sustainability and per capita funding of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) met via video conference with the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Thursday, asking board members and staff questions ranging from agency cooperation to Friday’s significant board vote on the future of the Stony Point Center, the site for the board meeting.

Pastors are flocking to complete the Minister Survey

Overweight but active. Satisfied with their present call but somewhat exhausted, in part because of the long hours the work often entails. Concerned with their congregation’s finances and even its survival, but not too worried about denomination-wide conflict.

PMA’s student loan forgiveness aids widowed pastor serving small Florida church

Without the support of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the Rev. Denise McLeod isn’t sure she would have survived. A widowed minister serving a small church, Trinity Presbyterian, in Key West, Florida — and raising a son who is now a senior in college — she applied for the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Loan Forgiveness for Pastors.

Report recommends about $10 million to upgrade Stony Point Center

A proposed Vision Plan for Stony Point Center, a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)-affiliated center for hospitality and community-building along the Hudson River north of New York City, recommends investing in significant renovations, including the installation of private bathrooms in three lodges and construction of a facility called Cairncroft to replace the center’s current Evergreen building and provide modern meeting space, dining and administrative functions.

Building a Wailing Wall

Worshipers at the Presbyterian Center Chapel created their version of the Wailing Wall Wednesday, repenting from racism and committing to embark on the new life promised by Jesus in the gospels.

PC(USA) communications survey results are in

In May, a denominational communications survey was launched to determine what the Church most wants and needs from Communications. Nearly 11,000 people responded to questions including “What is most useful about communications from the national offices?” and “What is most frustrating?” and “What denominational information would you like that you are not currently getting?” Some of their responses might surprise you.

‘Our budget reflects who we are’

Here’s an idea. What if the Presbyterian Mission Agency picked one clear mission focus for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) – the idea of being a Matthew 25 denomination – and stuck with it for five or 10 years?