Office of the General Assembly

Stated Clerk’s statement: ‘Are we complicit in the racism of the alt-right?’

White supremacy raised its head and occupied a weekend of the news. We are reeling as a nation from President Trump’s cursory statement that failed to aggressively condemn the existence of the alt-right and their promotion of vitriolic racial rhetoric and white supremacy. No longer can we make statements of denial that racial hatred and bigotry are isolated occurrences in our society.

Call to prayer for public accountability and good governance in South Africa

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) has joined with other civil society organizations across the country to call for the resignation of South African President Jacob Zuma. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) recognizes the bold and prophetic witness of South African church leaders and encourages Presbyterians to pray fervantly for peace, public accountability, and good governance in South Africa and around the world.

Ministerio en la intersección del racismo y la pobreza

Por conteo a mano alzada, una gran parte de los/as asistentes a la plenaria de Big Tent el viernes por la tarde (7 de julio) indicaron que al menos habían leído Waking Up White por Debby Irving, un libro sobre el privilegio blanco recomendado a la iglesia por las Co -Moderadoras de la Asamblea General, Jan Edmiston y T. Denise Anderson.

인종차별과 빈곤의 교차점에 있는 사역

세인트 루이스 – 금요일 오후 빅텐트 전체 회의 (7월 7일)에 참석한 사람들 중 상당수는 총회 공동 총회장인 Jan Edmiston 과 T. Denise Anderson 목사의 추천으로 백인 특권에 관한 책인 Debby Irving의 Waking Up White을 읽었다고 손을 들며 응답했다.

Retooling the church for the 21st century

General Assembly Stated Clerk J. Herbert Nelson II told a Big Tent workshop here Saturday morning (June 8) that his recent trip to Wittenberg, Germany reminded him once again that ‘the Protestant Reformation occurred over a long period of time … that it wasn’t like two weeks and – bam – we’re done.’

Ministry at the intersection of racism and poverty

By a show of hands, a large portion of those attending a Big Tent plenary Friday afternoon (July 7) indicated they had at least read Waking Up White by Debby Irving, a book about white privilege commended to the church by General Assembly Co-Moderators Jan Edmiston and T. Denise Anderson.

Stated Clerk tells Big Tent the church is primed for another Reformation

Recently returned from the World Communion of Reformed Churches global gathering in Wittenberg, Germany – birthplace of the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago – Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Stated Clerk the Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson II recalled a conversation with a local pastor.

Speed-dating, Presbyterian style

While some 600 Presbyterians are gathered here this week for worship, fellowship and topical workshops at Big Tent, 27 others are here for a very different purpose: seeking their next call to ministry in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Las dos caras de Puerto Rico

Como territorio de los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico es un paraíso tropical donde se pueden escuchar las olas del mar o admirar las hermosas montañas. Pero eso «puede ser malinterpretado», dice Luis J. Ocasio Torres, Moderador del Presbiterio de San Juan, «esta gente está bien, miren lo hermosos que son los hoteles».