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Matthew 25

Workshops a major part of SDOP’s engagement with Atlanta

Melissa Pearson didn’t hear what she was expecting at the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People’s grant workshop Thursday night at the Dunbar Recreation Center, which was a pleasant surprise.

Healing our borders

A Catholic priest, a charismatic layperson and a Presbyterian pastor met with the patrol officer in charge of the Douglas border patrol station to discuss possible responses to the increased number of people dying while migrating in Sulphur Springs Valley, the valley in which Douglas, Arizona, and Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, sit. The “prevention through deterrence” border policy instituted by the Clinton administration, the economic boom of the 1990s and the devastation of the Mexican economy had turned our sleepy and isolated valley into the primary crossing point for unauthorized migration into the U.S. As a nation, we chose deserts and mountains as deadly deterrents to migration. Our policy is intentionally lethal.

Florida church accepts Matthew 25 invitation

On World Communion Sunday (Oct. 6), members of Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church (TTPC) in Florida will lift a loaf of bread from a country where they have lived and recite the words of institution in the language of that country — Arabic, German, Spanish, Greek, Tamil and others.

Migrants matter to Protestant churches in Italy

Refugees and migrants are at the heart of the mission and calling of Protestant churches in Italy. The geopolitical position of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea has made it one of the European countries most involved in the dynamics of migration.

We are called to faith, not fear

The root causes of migration are many. The answers are sometimes elusive. But Presbyterian World Mission, its mission co-workers and global partners are working together to find those answers.

No red flags raised over Stony Point Center Vision Plan

If the handful of Presbyterian Mission Agency Board members who participated in a conference call Friday on the Stony Point Center Vision Plan have reservations about the plan’s recommendations, they didn’t voice them.

GRACE Presbyterian Church is a Matthew 25 congregation

In the Upper Ohio Valley Presbytery, GRACE Presbyterian Church is a Matthew 25 congregation which operates over 30 various ministries beyond its walls. Their church, three years ago, planted a new church in rural Pakistan. It has grown from 11 members to 950 in that short period of time. One of the ministries is to… Read more »

Front Royal Presbyterian Church CANCELLED Vacation Bible School

Thanks to a grant from the Shenandoah Presbytery, the Front Royal Presbyterian Church CANCELLED Vacation Bible School and replaced it with a summer learning camp titled Superhero Summer. It is targeted towards low-income elementary school children in the Front Royal community. The poverty level in the community is at a staggering 17%, with a significant… Read more »

‘Are we doing enough?’

When the Rev. Stacy Cavanaugh was talking with the session of Union Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Wisconsin, about becoming their pastor, she asked ruling elders, “What’s the one thing I can change?”