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Resources in Reports and study guides

Stories of Hope: Mission Team to North Dakota

Hope Presbyterian Church of Lakewood, New Jersey, Sends Mission Team to North Dakota Hope Presbyterian Church is a small church with a big heart and a desire to reach out and serve others. HPC had sent a team to Mississippi in 2007 to assist with the clean up after hurricane Katrina and in the fall… Read more »

Principles of Partnership for Work Teams

We send work teams because an invitation has been extended to us to come and help with the witness to recovery in a particular part of the world or the United States. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance only sets up recovery sites where churches have decided toinvite others in to help as they seek to rebuild after… Read more »

What if your church held a vigil to honor victims of domestic violence

It is through our faith and our commitment to Jesus Christ that we continue to work for justice. It is through our faith communities that we work and struggle together. This is a positive message we have to offer our brothers and sisters working against violence.

Election Logistics 101

An appendix to Lift Every Voice. This resolution presents new and tested measures to protect voting rights and strengthen our democracy.

Theology of Compensation

Compensation and its Theological and Ethical Meaning in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) — a 2009 Survey of Pastors

Resolution on Africa: A Guide for Study and Reflection

Resolution on Africa: A Guide for Study and Reflection In response to a General Assembly action this guide (2005) was produced by the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy and the Worldwide Ministries Division to call attention to the continent of Africa. It offers six sessions with a wealth of material appropriate for adult, older youth, session and other study… Read more »

Iraq: Our Responsibility and the Future

Iraq: Our Responsibility and the Future This study stimulates reflection and discussion on just war and other principles of conscience concerning the military action in Iraq.

Transforming Families

Transforming Families The purpose of this study is to assist congregations in exploring ways to implement the recommendations of Transforming Families in their ministries with today’s families within their churches, in their surrounding communities and in our nation.