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Mr. Rogers Promo Card

This two sided PDF has a coloring page and information about Mr. Rogers Resources.

Opening Doors to Discipleship

Opening Doors to Discipleship is a training and learning website for church leaders in the Reformed tradition.

Resolution on the Middle East (1997)

Painfully aware that the conflicts in the Middle East have exacted a terrible toll in human suffering and exacerbated international and interreligious tensions for more than half a century, and taking account of both the accomplishments so far and the challenges ahead, the 209th General Assembly (1997) believes that the peace process started in Madrid… Read more »

Iraq: Our Responsibility and the Future (2004)

Opposition to the military action against Iraq based on just war principles and other principles of conscience, while not unanimous among Presbyterians, has been sufficiently widespread to indicate much concern. From the beginning, it has been the judgment of many church leaders, both in the United States and elsewhere, that?an invasion of Iraq has been… Read more »

Resolution on Africa: A Study Guide and Reflection (2005)

Nineteenth-century images of Africa continue to replay in our minds, even in this twenty- first century. We tend to be ignorant of the history of Africa and of its great diversity of life. We hold stereotypes of a backward continent. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has invited its members and friends to embark on a journey… Read more »