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Resources in Reports and study guides

Why Presbyterians are Like That

This is a 10 session bible study designed for College students and young adults to explore why Presbyterians are the way they are.

When Did We See You? Recreation Guide

When Did We See You? Recreation Guide – Let’s Play! This resource offers a variety of recreation plans that you can tailor to your particular gathering.

When Did We See You? Group Study Guide

This three session guide can be used in a variety of contexts. Use it in your own youth group, at a weekend retreat, or join with another group or two to explore the theme and consider the question, “When Did We See You?

Quicksheets #86 Integrating Youth Into The Church

How do we minister to our youth today? The larger culture has shifted, and our young people are busy. Here are several ideas on ways youth might nurture their faith and relationships in the church beyond youth group.