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Resources in Publications and periodicals

2021 Issue Priorities Brochure – OPW & UN

Download the 2021 Presbyterian Offices of Public Witness (OPW) domestic and international priorities and the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations (UN) thematic issues priority brochure for 2021. The brochure outlines our focus on important issues for the calendar year.

Poverty and Liturgy: columns from Call to Worship

Four columns from the “Poverty and Liturgy” issue of Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching, and the Arts 54.3 (2020) On Liturgy: Responding to Poverty according to the Liturgical Narrative by Kendra Buckwalter Smith On Music: Privilege, Poverty, and Musical Practice by Phillip Morgan On Preaching: Blessed Are the Poor … in Spirit? by Buz… Read more »

Core Principles for Poverty

We invite God’s guidance to help us embody the abundant, beloved community that we hope to create and believe that God desires. We do that by the ways we plan, interact and practice the work, recognizing that how we are “showing up” matters as much as what we are doing. Core principles guide and align… Read more »

PHP Post Fall 2021

In the Dismantling Structural Racism issue… Global racism, colonialism and white supremacy Deep Links Between Racism and Climate Change Reparations Cannot Wait Resource Extraction and Racism We Take a Matthew 25 Stand PHP and Decolonizing Wealth POSTER – Environmental Racism  

PHP Post Spring 2021

In the PHP & Matthew 25 issue… Land is the basis of freedom Fighting colonialism and poverty globally A Peaceful Path Poster: The Presbyterian Hunger Program and Matthew 25 Download the PHP & Matthew 25 poster