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Modes of Mission Engagement

When groups engage in mission, they often use different strategies, or modes, for going about their work. These modes shape the very nature of the mission and affect how groups interact with partners and understand “success.” Find out which mode most closely matches your current mission involvement, and consider other modes you might be drawn… Read more »

Nature that Nurtures

This guide, written by Mary Westervelt with layout and graphics by Lauren Diamond, tells the story of how one church, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Berwyn, PA, a certified Earth Care Congregation, began the process of changing the landscaping, installing rain gardens, terraces, and infiltration beds to retain storm water, and planting native flowering plants and… Read more »

2018-19 JMP Gratitude Report

For those who see no way out, the Jinishian Memorial Program works to provide opportunities. We help people to flourish, to restore their dignity, and to find a way across the obstacles separating them from a full life. Your gifts become a bridge for struggling Armenian communities to discover their own gifts and purpose. As… Read more »

PHP Post Spring 2019

Celebrating 50 years! In this issue… Hunger Program’s Witness in the Wider Church God’s Call to Hunger Ministry Celebrating 50 years of the Presbyterian Hunger Program And more… Download 50 years of the Presbyterian Hunger Program

Turn to the Living God-Arabic

. كان واحداً من القرارات الهامة لهذا المحفل هو تبني كتاب ، التوجه نحو الله، دعوة للكرازة  علي طريق الرب يسوع المسيح، وهو بيان يوضح إلتزامنا بالكرازة للعالم. من فضلك حمل الملف المرفق وهو طبعة إحتفال مرور ٢٥ سنة علي صدور هذه الوثيقة الهامة، وأستمتع بقرائتها حتى تنتعش وتتجدد نفوسنا وننطلق للوصول للكثيرين كما فعل… Read more »

Turn to the Living God-Korean-자료 세부사항

203차 총회(1991)는 교회의 삶에서 복음 전도가 계속 강조되도록 했다. 총회가 취한 행동 중 하나는 살아계신 하나님을 향하여: 예수 그리스도가 하신 복음 전도의 초대의 채택이었다. 이는 글로벌 복음화에 대한 우리의 공약을 분명히 밝히는 진술이다. 이 중요한 문서의 25주년 기념판을 다운로드하고 예수님처럼 사람들에게 다가가고자 갱신하는 영감을 얻어야 한다.

Turn to the Living God-Spanish

La 203a Asamblea General (1991) dio un gran énfasis para continuaren la vida de la iglesia. Una de las acciones tomadas por la asamblea fue la adopción de Vuelva al Dios Vivo: Un llamado al evangelismo a la manera de Jesucristo, una declaración que articula nuestro compromiso con la evangelización global. Descargue la edición del… Read more »