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The LGBTQIA+ F.A.Q resource was designed to be a helpful tool for churches, mid councils, educational bodies, and individuals.

LGBTQIA+ Bibliography

This bibliography is a compilation of LGBTQIA+ resources and information that may be helpful to churches, Christian educators, mid-council leaders, and more.

무브먼트를 일으키며 에너지, 지성, 상상력, 사랑으로

‘움직임을 일으키자: 하나님 선교에의 참여’는 우리의 사역 동료와 그리스도 안 동지들이 연결되어 있는 교회(connectional church), 마태복음 25장 사역 참여 교회, 우리의 믿음이 요구하는 교회의 의미를 깨달을 수 있게 돕습니다. 이 책자는 교회의 특별헌금, 공동선교 지원금, 상회비에 대한 통찰도 담고 있습니다.

Encender un movimiento con energía, inteligencia, imaginación y amor

Encendiendo un movimiento: El compromiso con la Misión de Dios ayuda a nuestros colegas en el ministerio y amistades en Cristo a definir lo que significa ser una iglesia conexional, una iglesia de Mateo 25, y la Iglesia que pide nuestra fe. Incluye información sobre las ofrendas especiales de la Iglesia, el apoyo a las… Read more »

Igniting a Movement with Energy, Intelligence, Imagination and Love

Igniting a Movement with Energy, Intelligence, Imagination and Love helps our colleagues in ministry and friends in Christ define what it means to be a connectional church, a Matthew 25 church, and the Church that our faith demands. It includes insight into the Church’s Special Offerings, Shared Mission Support and Per Capita.

PHP Post Fall 2022

In the Eradicating Systemic Poverty issue… From Reform to Transformation: Ending Hunger and Eradicating Poverty Eradicating Systemic Poverty and Hunger Building Relationships First, Then Working Together for Change Matthew 25 Assertions on Poverty The Global Debt Crisis and Worsening Hunger and Poverty International Guests Become Friends The Three L’s of Relationships Global Hunger on the… Read more »

PHP Post Spring 2022

In the Congregational Vitality issue… Celebrate Earth Day all year long: sustainable solutions for your home, neighborhood and congregation Texas church fights homelessness with permanent supportive housing A little garden fosters big community Just Reads – a few words from author Hunter Farrell on “Freeing Congregational Mission: A Practical Vision for Companionship, Cultural Humility and… Read more »

2021 Issue Priorities Brochure – OPW & UN

Download the 2021 Presbyterian Offices of Public Witness (OPW) domestic and international priorities and the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations (UN) thematic issues priority brochure for 2021. The brochure outlines our focus on important issues for the calendar year.

Poverty and Liturgy: columns from Call to Worship

Four columns from the “Poverty and Liturgy” issue of Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching, and the Arts 54.3 (2020) On Liturgy: Responding to Poverty according to the Liturgical Narrative by Kendra Buckwalter Smith On Music: Privilege, Poverty, and Musical Practice by Phillip Morgan On Preaching: Blessed Are the Poor … in Spirit? by Buz… Read more »