Racial Justice Resources

Resources in Brochures and cards

RE&WIM Brochure

An overview of the work of the Racial Equity & Women’s Intercultural Ministries area.

End Gun Violence Postcard

This postcard affirms our responsibility to reduce injustice and calls upon the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to approve sensible gun legislation. It should be mailed back to the Office of Public Witness in Washington, DC.    

Standing Our Holy Ground/10 Things You Can Do to End Gun Violence

Standing Our Holy Ground is a year-long (2019-2020) free webinar series that challenges the faith community to stand up against gun violence, and explores how people of faith can respond and act to bring about change. Ten Things You Can Do to End Gun Violence are suggestions approved by the 2019 General Assembly (2010) report… Read more »

Prayer Card, Hery Ramambasoa, South Asia

In his role as regional liaison for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Hery facilitates and seeks to strengthen healthy, missiologically appropriate relationships among entities of the PC (USA) and those of partner denominations and organizations in the region. Hery also supports fellow PC (USA) mission personnel serving in the region through communications, information sharing, guidance,… Read more »

John Etheredge Prayer Card

Jesus instructed us to feed and care for his sheep. My call is to care for those youth and adults in Ho, Ghana. The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana programs help youth get an education that are no longer in formal school. Skills-training programs are also supported by John at the Evangelical Presbyterian Activities Center, which… Read more »

Problem Pregnancy – When You Need Wisdom

This resource is for pastor-counselors who are helping others face the news of a problem pregnancy in a variety of difficult circumstances. As God has expressed love and grace in Jesus Christ, so we are to express that love and grace to one another when faced with difficult and complex circumstances regarding problem pregnancies.

Problem Pregnancy – When Pregnancy Involves Loss

This resource is for persons helping others face the loss of a baby in a variety of different circumstances — e.g., a woman who has chosen to place a baby for adoption, or who has chosen to have an abortion, or who has miscarried a baby. In caring, compassionate love, we who have experienced God’s… Read more »

Problem Pregnancy – When No Choice is Easy

This resource has been developed for women facing the news of a problem pregnancy in a variety of difficult circumstances regarding their pregnancy — e.g., being regarded as a minor, or being the victim of rape or incest, or if there is a congenital anomaly in the fetus.