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Resources in Brochures and cards

Short-Term Mission Trip Toolkit: Crafting mission stories

Sharing the mission trip experience helps other people in your church learn about people and places with which they are unfamiliar. Telling the story brings others along with you in an experience they didn’t get to have. What you say and the images you show can have a lasting impact on your listener or reader…. Read more »

Short-Term Mission Trip Workbook

Not all short-term, church-related trips outside of one’s familiar, close-to-home comfort zone are considered (or called) mission trips. Some trips are considered study tours to learn about an issue, a people or a place. Some are called partnership trips because they are short-term trips carried out within the framework of an ongoing, long-term “partnership” between… Read more »

Paula Cooper Prayer Card

Paula Cooper prayer card Use this card as you pray for mission co-worker Paula Cooper. The card includes a photo and overview of her work. As regional liaison for East Central Africa, Paula facilitates PC(USA) relationships with partner churches and institutions in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, and Zambia where the church is growing rapidly, and pastoral training and leadership development… Read more »

Eliane Menezes Prayer Card

Eliane Menezes prayer card Rev. Eliane Menezes serves in Guatemala as Facilitator for Women’s Leadership Development with the National Union of Presbyterian Women of the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala (IENPG). She seeks to empower women by facilitating development of their leadership skills and by helping to nurture relationships between the women of the National Union of Presbyterian… Read more »

Ruth Brown Prayer Card

Ruth Brown prayer card Use this card as you pray for Mission Co-worker Ruth Brown. The card includes a photo of her and an overview of her work. Ruth Brown is a community health facilitator working in Ghana’s Northern Region with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana. She supports the church in creating sustainable, community-based programs of health promotion… Read more »

Nadia Ayoub Prayer Card

Use this card as you pray for mission co-worker Nadia Ayoub. This card includes a photo and overview of her work.  The Evangelical Church of Greece mission is “the alleviation of human hardship regardless of ethnicity, race, and creed. For all of us who share the vision of Perichoresis and work towards its realization, we… Read more »