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Resources in Worship

A service for renewal

This service for solemn assemblies is a more informal, experiential service particularly suited for gatherings in flexible spaces. Whenever and however you decide to do it, you need to prepare… Read more »

Confessional materials

Confessional materials for solemn assembly’s extended examination. You may also find other materials that will be helpful to you elsewhere in Theology and Worship and in the Book of Common… Read more »

Prepare for worship

Preparing for worship is like making space for God. When we offer hospitality to people, there is some preparation necessary on our part. We must see to it that there’s… Read more »

Suggestions for prayer preparation teams

The premier way in which spiritual renewal occurs is through diligent prayer. Before all else, pray, pray, pray and keep on praying! These suggestions are for prayer preparation teams planning… Read more »