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Resources in Worship

Exodus: Seven Leadership Principes

Male Issue:  What makes a man a leader? Questions:  What characteristics mark the Christian leader?  How do men deal with challenges and problems?  What is the vision of men for the future?

Genesis: A Seven-Session Bible Study for Men

Male Issue:  What is a man’s relationship with God? Questions:  What does it mean to be a creation and to have dominion?  What does it mean to live in covenant with God and others?

This Call is For You – Discussion Questions

Ask participants to spend a few minutes reading the following questions and reflecting in silence. When time is called, ask them share with others at their tables.

Spiritual preparations

A prayerful reading of Scripture is a way of entering into a conversation with God, and allowing God to be the first speaker. So often our prayers are a conversation… Read more »

Ash Wednesday service

Ash Wednesday is a day of solemn assembly that is built right into the church year. It is a fast day, a day of mourning for our sin and the… Read more »

Examination of conscience

Here is a sample of a list of sins from a solemn assembly that was compiled by the preparatory team who had met in prayer for weeks before the larger… Read more »