Resources in Worship

Worship Books and Intergenerational Ministry

There are many features of a liturgical service book (and the 2018 Book of Common Worship in particular) that, although they are often overlooked, can help to shape vibrant, active, and creative intergenerational worship. Here are a few of them.

This is My Song

Within the pages of a hymnal one can find centuries of theological wisdom, spiritual insight, and practical guidance for faithful living. Here are twelve creative ideas and accessible strategies for using hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs in the church’s ministry of education and formation for discipleship.

Making Music in the Meantime

The following ideas are offered for congregations as they navigate the return to public worship and seek to bridge online and in-person gatherings. These suggestions may need to be adapted for a particular context of ministry. They should be undertaken only insofar as local resources and current conditions allow.

Discipleship and Worship in NWCs

This report explores how new worshiping communities engage in and think about discipleship, spiritual formation, and worship.

Sabbath Practices Ministry Kit for Seasons of the Church

The Sabbath Practices Ministry Kit for Seasons of the Church looks at how to engage each of the essential practices (Hospitality, Prayer, Service, Storytelling and Retreat) in communal worship based on the liturgical year and special seasonal emphases.

Holy Humor Worship

This Quicksheet will offer suggestions for ways you might hold Holy Humor Worship with your congregation digitally any time you feel the need to laugh in the face of darkness and celebrate the joy of God’s abiding presence with us. These suggestions focus on fun, improv and group participation which is all intended to encourage… Read more »

Buscando ser fieles juntos

Buscando ser fieles juntos: normas para presbiterianos durante tiempos de desacuerdo

A Eurcharistic Prayer for Election Day

A prayer appropriate for “Christian and Citizen Sunday,” the Sunday before Election Day, written by Sam Wells, Vicar at London’s St. Martin in the Fields and former Dean of the Chapel at Duke; and Abby Kocher.