Resources in Presbyterians Today

Guide for Young Adult Ministry

How well do you know what makes today’s young adults tick? This special issue published by Presbyterians Today is a must-read for everyone who wants to better understand young adults and engage them in worship, education, and service. You may be surprised to hear how ardent young Presbyterians are about their faith and their church… Read more »

Presbyterian Resource Guide for Ministry

An easy-to-read, in-depth handbook that puts loads of vital ministry information on dozens of subjects at your fingertips. This one-stop reference is ideal for congregations, presbyteries, and individuals looking for creative ways to improve their ministry.

Mission Trip Tools: Presbyterians Today article

This article – When Canned Food Drives Are No Longer Enough – from Presbyterians Today (2012) can serve as a starting point for congregations who want to do short-term mission trips. More resources, information and tools on short-term mission trips are available here.