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Resources in Theology Formation and Evangelism

Introduction to Intergenerational Formation

“What are the most important things I need to know about intergenerational ministry in order to do it in my church?” This resource breaks down the answer into three categories: 1) broader concepts, 2) terms and clarifications, and 3) practical considerations.

Shine: Living as Children of God in a Restless World

This is a complete intergenerational retreat module for use at camps and conference centers designed for camp staff, local educator or pastor leadership.  The module includes Bible study, camp activities, worship plans, and planning guidance.

Trauma Informed Ministry

Trauma informed pedagogy is not a packaged program or a step-by-step curriculum. Rather, it intentionally integrates the six principles of trauma-informed care into our educational ministries as we create and adapt in new environments

Stay Connected Screen Free

This is a quick listing of ministry ideas for churches to stay connected to their senior adults and involve members of all ages. All the ideas are screen free and easily adaptable to various settings.

Connecting with UKirk Collegiate Ministries

The UKirk Collegiate Ministries Association builds connections with colleges students at over 200 campuses. This resource provides ways for churches and faith communities to connect with the campus ministry leaders and students in local communities.

Connect, Enrich, Empower, Sustain

Membership with APCE (Association of Presbyterian Church Educators) includes access to resources, webinars, Cohorts, enews, support and so much more as shared in this resource.

Mental Health Matters: Part One

Older adults are particularly vulnerable to mental health concerns because of a number of factors: loss of independence, loss of a job, loss of a home, loss of a spouse or physical illness. Faith communities are uniquely positioned to provide spiritual and emotional support for older adults experiencing challenging times. This resource provides background information… Read more »

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Mr. Rogers Day

Fred Rogers was an ordained minister of word and sacrament for the PC(USA) and is a notable public figure whose work around peace and reconciliation are worth remembering. Rogers was also a pioneer in the world of Christian education and formation of young children. March 20th was his birthday and the day that the PC(USA)… Read more »

Neighboring Sunday

The neighborhoods around our homes and our faith community gathering places are the heart of our ministries. If we are to live out the Matthew 25 vision we should understand our communities. This QuickSheet provides you with a template and ideas to plan an experience and worship service around your neighborhoods.

Worship Books and Intergenerational Ministry

There are many features of a liturgical service book (and the 2018 Book of Common Worship in particular) that, although they are often overlooked, can help to shape vibrant, active, and creative intergenerational worship. Here are a few of them.