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Resources in Theology Formation and Evangelism

Resource Quick links from Theology, Formation & Evangelism

This is a resource list of quick links from Theology, Formation & Evangelism including 1001 Worshiping Communities, Vital Congregations, Office of Theology and Worship, Christian Formation, Presbyterian Youth and Triennium, Financial Aid for Service.

Resource Quick links from OGA

This is a resource list of quick links from the Office of General Assembly and Presbyterian Historical Society.

Mental Health Matters Part II: Bridge Over Troubled Water

This resource looks at how can we be a bridge over troubled water when it comes to mental health concerns. Our faith tradition values our desire to care for others in need. This value gives us meaning and purpose when we reach out to people living with loneliness or mental health conditions. To do this… Read more »

Quicksheets Index

Index of Quicksheets – contains titles and links to the resource.

Introduction to Intergenerational Formation

“What are the most important things I need to know about intergenerational ministry in order to do it in my church?” This resource breaks down the answer into three categories: 1) broader concepts, 2) terms and clarifications, and 3) practical considerations.

Shine: Living as Children of God in a Restless World

This is a complete intergenerational retreat module for use at camps and conference centers designed for camp staff, local educator or pastor leadership.  The module includes Bible study, camp activities, worship plans, and planning guidance.