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Resources in Theology Formation and Evangelism

Building a Neighborhood Together: An Intergenerational Peacemaking Project

Describes the process for building a neighborhood out of boxes and other everyday household supplies. It is an activity for all ages and all kinds of families working together. The Neighborhood Build is based on Fred Rogers’ ideas about relationships, creative play, pride in making things, family communication, and community.

Why Presbyterians are Like That

This is a 10 session bible study designed for College students and young adults to explore why Presbyterians are the way they are.

Theology Chats

This Quicksheet outlines how to lead Theology Chats with college students and young adults.

Jesus, Teach Us to Be Neighbors (Melody)

Jesus, Teach Us to Be Neighbors Melody is a hymn written in 2022 for Mr. Rogers Day and this PDF includes the melody with words in larger print.