Support our siblings affected by disaster, hunger and oppression through One Great Hour of Sharing.

Resources in Giving

Shared Mission: We are the Church Together!

This short video provides insight into Shared Mission Support, explaining how Presbyterians’ gifts to Shared Mission, given without restrictions, allow for the Church’s timely response when and where it is… Read more »

Thank Offering Through the Years

Presbyterian Women’s Thank Offering is received annually in the fall. This offering gives women a tangible way to express their gratitude for the special blessings in their lives. Gifts from… Read more »

Birthday Offering Through the Years

The Birthday Offering is a PW offering collected in the spring of each year to celebrate the blessings in the lives of Presbyterian Women. The offering funds up to five… Read more »

2016 Mission Pledge Packet for Presbyterian Women

Promote and collect Presbyterian Women’s 2016 Mission Pledge. This packet includes information for PW groups in the Congregations, Presbyteries and Synods. It includes a letter from PW 2012–2015 churchwide moderator,… Read more »