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Presbyterian Women 2016 Mission Pledge Cards

Use these pledge cards in the fall of 2015 to gather Mission Pledge commitments from members of your PW in the Congregation for the 2016 Mission Pledge.These cards are part of the 2016 Mission Pledge Packet.

The cards may be used in any way helpful to your group and giving practices. Consider the following model for use.

  • In fall 2015, distribute envelopes with pledge cards inside to each person (#10 envelopes work well). Ask each person to write her/his name on the outside of the envelope, prayerfully decide how much to give to the PW Mission Pledge in 2016, write the pledge amount on the card and return it in the envelope provided.
  • In 2016, redistribute the cards at each monthly meeting to receive pledges. Or keep the cards on file, recording gifts received at each meeting. You may wish to use the cards in conjunction with the individual giving envelopes.