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Caregiver Sunday 2012 packet

Use this packet with your congregation as you recognize Caregiver Sunday 2012, which occurs on November 11 this year but can be observed at any time during the year.  Our theme is “Shelter from the Storm” with a focus on helping family caregivers plan for evacuation events.

  • A Note from the Presbyterian Health Network
  • What Every Pastor, Faith Community Nurse, and Member Needs to Know: The Caregiving Crisis
  • Psalm 46, “God is our refuge and strength… “
  • Things to Consider
  • How Safe Is Your Community? A Disaster Risk Assessment
  • Prepare for Emergencies Now
  • My Neighborhood Resources
  • Caring for YourselfWays You Can Help
  • Sample Emergency Contact Form
  • Resources for Caregivers and Congregations
  • Presbyterian Health Network TeamWorship Resources
  • Prayers and Scriptures for Caregivers