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Caregiver Sunday 2012 packet

Use this packet with your congregation as you recognize Caregiver Sunday 2012, which occurs on November 11 this year but can be observed at any time during the year.  Our… Read more »

Caregiver Sunday 2010 packet

November 14, 2010, is Caregiver Sunday. Get suggestions for caregiving and resources for people who provide care. What Does Family Caregiving Mean? A Suggested Liturgy for Caregivers Sunday 2010 Eagles… Read more »

Caregiver Sunday packet – 2009

November 15, 2009, is Caregiver Sunday. Get suggestions caregiving in your congregation and materials for people who provide care. This resource includes: Caregiver Sunday liturgy A Litany of Prayer for… Read more »

Presbyterian Health Network information card

The Presbyterian Health Network (PHN) is the membership organization for congregations, parish nurses, health ministry teams, clergy and others who feel called to speak the language of care and build… Read more »