Bright Ideas for Christmas Newsletters

In a national poll of 1,000 Protestant pastors by LifeWay Research, it was determined that behind Easter, Christmas was the second highest attendance Sunday for churches throughout the year. Why not make your Christmas e-newsletter one that your readers will be excited to receive? Here are some ideas for creating a Christmas newsletter that will get your readers’ attention.

Gift guide

With retailers flooding our inboxes during this season, why not provide a gift guide of items and services offered by members of the congregation? You can help make holiday shopping easier for members while supporting the entrepreneurs and business owners in your congregation.

Provide a unique video

Insert a digital Christmas greeting from the pastor or a performance of children singing at last year’s Christmas service. Use the video to invite individuals to this year’s service. Encourage members to forward the message to invite others.

Offer inspirational messages

Christmas is not the most cheerful holiday for everyone. Inspirational messages that offer encouragement and hope at Christmastime provide an opportunity to share the message of God’s love.

Tell a Christmas story

Feature an individual, a family or a ministry that does something to exemplify the true meaning of Christmas and share their story in the newsletter.

Share memories of the past

A photo is worth a thousand words. Have members of the congregation share their photos of past Christmas events held at the church.

Put an Eco friendly twist on Christmas decorations

Provide fun ideas on the many ways members can go green this year. Help them avoid the plastic with ideas for decorations made of wood, pine wreaths, burlap and other natural elements.

Pass on great recipes

Share more of the joy with friends and family by including tried, true and delicious holiday recipes from members of the congregation in your newsletter.

Support a cause through a hashtag campaign

Your congregation can raise awareness of an issue in your community or support a worthy cause or campaign by creating or utilizing an already existing hashtag.

Always remember the call to action

The call to action in your Christmas e-newsletter could be as simple as encouraging members of the congregation to invite someone to join them for Christmas service.


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