The changing face of communications

Communications Workshop Offerings in 2018

The role of church communicators has changed drastically. Faced with shifting responsibilities and limited time, church communicators and those with communications responsibilities are often faced with not only what work to prioritize, but how to reach their audiences in an ever-changing media landscape.

In 2017 there are now more than 3.8 billion internet users in the world; approximately 2.9 billion are on social media, and 3.4 billion are accessing the internet from their phones, according to Simon Kemp of The Next Web. Social media, websites and the digital revolution have ushered in new ways to reach our audiences. And while these updates are providing exciting new ways to do this, keeping up can sometimes feel overwhelming. You do not have to navigate these changes alone. The Presbyterian Mission Agency, through the Communicators Network, offers communications workshops on a variety of topics including strategic planning, media relations, social media and websites. These workshops are designed to address the basics of communications while also touching on advanced topics for more seasoned professionals.

Communications tools like social media and websites do not exist in a vacuum. Strategic communications planning ensures that the right media vehicles are being used effectively and clear goals are in place. Our strategic communications workshop covers this and more. Beyond goal setting, our workshops allow time to create an outline of a communications plan, based on the information learned, with guided support and professional recommendations.

Another important tool of communications is media relations. Learning when and how to communicate with the media puts you in a powerful position to control the narrative and avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Social media has become an essential tool in any communications strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter work hand in hand with your other communications tools in reinforcing your message and ensuring that you are effectively reaching your target audience. The social media portion of our workshops provides an overview of social media trends, usage, and, most importantly, best practices that you can apply to your social media accounts now.

Your website is the heart of your online presence and an essential repository for news and information about your community. We will cover content recommendations and provide real-life examples of communities using their websites to effectively communicate their message.

The nature of communications has changed, and we are here to help your community navigate those changes successfully. Schedule a workshop in 2018 at:

For additional information or to schedule a workshop please contact Mari Graham at or 502-381-7349.

Mari Graham is the social media strategist at the Presbyterian Mission Agency where, in addition to managing social media, works with churches on a one-to-one basis through providing workshops on social media and websites.

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