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Worship Education Materials


Teaching worship is a way to pass on the faith as well as help people enter more fully into the transformative presence of God. The Office of Theology and Worship has put together resources for a mini-course on worship that can be used for Commissioned Ruling Elder education, study for worship ordination exams, elder education, and/or a Christian education course on worship.  The resources provided here are handouts and notes used for teaching.

Like the Bible, when you are worshiping the Holy One, use language that is inclusive and expansive in its imagery for the Lord and the people of God.

Lesson plan

Though this was designed as a retreat for the education of Commissioned Ruling Elders, the lesson plans can be modified for use with other groups in the church.

Download lesson plan

What is good worship?  

Because all good worship is God directed, this question has to be answered theologically, regardless of its style.

Download Theological Norms for Good Worship

Download Good Contemporary Worship Is

What are the marks of Reformed worship?

Download Marks of Reformed Worship

Our order of worship: why we do what we do when we do it.

Our order of worship isn’t just something we do because that’s the way we’ve always done it. It comes from ancient worship patterns found in the Bible.

Download Biblical resources for the order of worship

For more information on our order of worship (Latin: ordo), check out this PowerPoint.

Download Ordo PowerPoint

This resource was originally published to place in the pews of a Presbyterian congregation. It discusses the purpose of each part of worship in language designed to help the ordinary worshiper as well as those interested in planning contemporary worship.

Download Our Order of Worship

This is a quick overview of the Four-Fold Order of Worship

Download One-Page Ordo Explanation

Children in Worship

A list of resources for those wanting to include children in worship.

Download Children in Worship 

Public Prayer

Public prayer is often built upon the collect form. Learning this form can help you lead prayer extemporaneously at any time.

Download Collect Prayer Form


Baptism is a sacrament full of rich meanings, some of which you may not have considered before.

In recent years the church has sought to recover the ancient forms of baptism and Communion so that our celebrations share a similar shape with ecumenical partners.

Download Ecumenical Shape of Baptism and Eucharist

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is also laden with layered meanings, as the ecumenical church has agreed, despite our varied practices.

Download Ecumenical Consensus on Meanings of Eucharist

In recent years the church has sought to recover the ancient forms of baptism and Communion so that our celebrations shared a similar shape

Download Ecumenical Shape of Baptism and Eucharist

How does the ecumenical shape of Holy Communion transfer to an actual prayer?

Download Eucharistic Prayer Parts Marked (All Saints Communion Service)

Planning worship

How do you go about planning an actual worship service?  This is especially helpful to those wanting to start a new worship service or worshiping community.

Download Planning Worship

Because worship is centered around the Word, knowing what the sermon plan is, is the first step.

Download Devising a Sermon Plan

Leading worship

Worship may be revitalized not only by what we say and do in worship, but the way in which we say and do it.

Download Embody Whatever You Are Doing in Worship

Sacraments and the Renewal of the Church

For sacramental renewal of the church, check out the Invitation to Christ with its questions for reflection and discussion at the end of each section.