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Latin America/Caribbean

Frontera de Cristo
: Mexico and United States
Address: Avenida 40 Calle 19, Agua Prieta, Sonora/826 E. 11th Street, Douglas, AZ 85607
Contact: Jocabed Gallegos (633)103-2191 (Mexico cell); (520) 364-9257 (US office); website
Nature of Work: Helping people of faith on both sides of the US/Mexico border to reflect and act on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ when borders divide including building relationships and understanding across borders. Delegations have the opportunity to engage with a variety of our partners and experience how they are putting their faith into action through facilitating worship, biblical reflection, fellowship and learning opportunities.  Frontera de Cristo also facilitates delegations into the interior of the state of Sonora as well as in the state of Chiapas with our Café Justo coffee cooperative partners.
Group Specifications: No minimum but not more than 15 recommended. Open to conversations about hosting larger delegations; no minimum age is accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Cost: $50 group registration fee; $60 per day per person for Presbyterian groups, $80 for non-Presbyterian groups; includes housing, 3 meals, honorariums to partner organizations, facilitation, interpretation
Dates: year-round
Project Provides:
housing, beds/cots, showers, food/meals, linens, training, worship/guided reflection, and local transportation

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Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana
Country: Costa Rica
Address: San Pedro, Cedros-Montes de Oca, 350 Este del Perimercados
Contact: Luisa M. Salguero A.; Phone:22242791/22838848; Email; Other: UBL Development Department
Nature of Work: We have three different opportunities: Work, Study, and Work/Study. Your team is invited to spend 7-10 days with us on the UBL Campus having the opportunity to interact with students from all over Latin America while you are working in one of our projects or studying a subject of your interest. Work options are painting, landscaping and minor construction tasks.  The study options are usually customized to each group’s interest and include classes with UBL and non-UBL teachers as well as off-campus experiences. The third option mixes work and study, giving you the opportunity to walk and learn with us about our mission in Latin America while you help maintain the UBL facilities, which provide a home for our foreign students.
Group Specifications: We receive groups of all ages and gender, from youth teams, women teams,  men teams, a mix of men and women, and mature adults.  All team members must be able to stand and walk for long periods of time if the work requires and be able to lift light amounts of weight. Group size: 9-20; minimum age: 16; adult/youth ratio: 1/4. 
Cost: Work teams: $45 per person per day (surcharges may apply for groups of less than nine people) 
Project Provides: For work teams: Airport pickup and delivery, housing at UBL facilities, meals at the UBL (three meals and two snacks a day), one tour day, local transportation for church or project visit. Activities include 5-8 days in a work project at the UBL, dialogues with UBL professors and students, visit to a local church or community.
Additional Information: For those interested in visiting as a study team, or a combination of a work/study team, please contact UBL for costs and services/activities provided.

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Evangelical National Presbyterian Church of Guatemala (IENPG)
: Guatemala
(The office of PRESGOV is in the process of moving to a new address) San Cristobal Totonicapan
Philip Beisswenger, PC(USA) mission worker, Partnership Facilitator in Guatemala, Phone: Cell (502) 4133-4555; Home (502) 6645-9149; Email
Nature of Work:
PRESGOV is the organization that the Guatemalan Presbyterian Church provides to coordinate group visits. They plan itineraries, and arrange for transportation, lodging, meals, translation and any other special needs.  PRESGOV can also assist in the preparation of projects.  Many groups that come have pre-existing partnerships in Guatemala, but that is not a requirement.  Visits can be arranged for adults or youth to work on suitable community projects together with local churches. There are also worship and educational opportunities for groups..
Group Specifications: Minimum of 6 in a group; adult/youth ratio: ¼; $85 per day per group member for complete service—see website.; receiving.groups year round;
Project Provides: Housing, beds, showers, food, linens, worship/guided reflection, local transportation

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Iglesia Presbiteriana de Honduras (Presbyterian Church of Honduras)
: Honduras
Address: Tegucigalpa and rural locations
Contact: Rev Mark Wright (901) 432-5640,  (901) 201-65245
Nature of Work:Education, theological education, literacy, construction, medical, optometric/ophthalmic, dental, youth ministry, women’s ministry, nutrition, sewing, agriculture, water purification.
Group Specifications: Size of group depends on type and location of project; cost: $40/day per person including food and lodging
Project Provides: housing, beds/cots, showers, food/meals, local transportation.
Additional Information
: See more about the Presbytery of Honduras.

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CEPAD (Consejo de Iglesias Evangélicas Pro Alianza Denominacional)
Country: Nicaragua
Address: de Puente León, 200 vrs. arriba, Managua, Nicaragua
Contact: Anita Taylor
Nature of Work: CEPAD works in rural community development, currently in 43 small communities, with a five year program aimed at community development and food security.  Mission groups often live in community and work in projects of soils and water conservation.  There are also sometimes opportunities for construction, water filters, etc., but always with an emphasis on community involvement and control.
Group Specifications: Group size: 7-20; minimum age: 14; adult/youth ratio: 5/1; Per diem rate varies according to size of group – $85 – $95 per day includes everything. Anytime except Holy Week and 3 weeks at Christmas-New Year.
Project Provides: Housing, beds/cots, showers, tools/materials, food/meals, washer/clothesline, linens, worship/guided reflection, local transportation. We are in frequent contact with many groups serving Nicaraguans in many different ways.  We often arrange visits, or special schedules, for groups that want to learn about a specific issue in Nicaragua.

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Iglesia Evangelica Presbiteriana Reformada en el Peru (IEPRP)
Iglesia Evangelica Peruana(IEP)
Country: Peru
Jr. Salamanca 844 B, Magdalena del Mar, Lima, Peru
Rusty Edmondson and  Sara Armstrong, phone: (from US 011) 511-65- 9526; Skype: rusty.edmondson
Nature of Work:
 We host PCUSA delegations that serve Peruvian communities in partnership with the Reformed churches of Peru. Our work is located throughout Peru: in urban, high jungle, Amazon river basin, Sierra,  Altiplano and coastal zones. Opportunities include environmental, theological and cultural education programs,  construction, medical,  youth ministry, women’s ministry, Christian radio programing, water purification, sustainable agriculture and more.
Group Specifications:
Individual, couples, small and larger teams are welcome. Please ask for specifications.
Project Provides:
Please ask about provisions.

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Uniendo Manos Contra Pobreza (Joining Hands Against Poverty)
Country: Peru
Jr. Daniel Alcides Carrión 844 B, Lima, Peru
 Jed Koball, phone: 011-51-980673604
Nature of Work: 
We lead Reflection and Action Trips that provide opportunities for adults to learn about systemic root causes of poverty and injustice in Peru, with an emphasis on contamination from the extractive industry, loss of democratic voice through free trade agreements, and climate change due to global warming. By visiting with global partners in different regions of Peru, participants will REFLECT on how these issues contribute to poverty in Peru, and they will explore opportunities for ACTION through advocacy in addressing these issues from the United States. We expect participants to be prepared for long-term partnership in addressing these systemic issues. Our focus is not short-term partnership, nor are we project-oriented.  Our trips are travel intensive and rigorous (including travel to high altitudes – approximately 16,000 feet above sea level). 
Group Specifications: 
Minimum group number: 4; Maximum group number: 25; Minimum age: 18 (Any youth under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian); Cost: $800 per person (includes all food, lodging and transportation while in country; does not include snacks, water bottles, or extended travel for tourism). Typical trip is 8 days. 
Project Provides: housing, beds/cots, showers, food/meals, linens, worship/guided reflection, local transportation

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