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Mission Networks


Mission networks and partnership networks bring together Presbyterians from around the United States who share a common international mission focus. World Mission-related mission and partnership networks facilitate building and maintaining healthy partnerships, and provide a place for representatives of various PC(USA) partnerships to share information, learn from each other, coordinate their efforts and find ways to have greater impact together as a network.

Each Mission network or partnership network centers around a specific country, people group or program area of ministry and is composed of Presbyterians who represent international mission partnerships established through their synods, presbyteries, congregations or other PC(USA) entities.

Network Guidelines

World Mission and Mission Networks: We Can Help!

Presbyterians Today article “Spirit of Connection”

Presbyterians Today article “Multiplying the gifts”




Latin America and Caribbean

Middle East

Please note that Egypt, Iraq, and Syria/Lebanon are referred to as “Partnership Networks,” not “Mission Networks.”



Connect with other Presbyterians engaged in God’s mission around the world!


Kenya Mission Network Conference:  February 8-10, Dallas, TX—(contact Tim Ngara at tngare@comcast.net or visit kenyanetwork.org/Kenya_Network/Events.html)
Colombia Mission Network Meeting: April 13-17, Barranquilla, Colombia—(contact Stan DeVoogd at stanley.devoogd@gmail.com)
Ethiopia Mission Network Meeting
: April 26-28, Portland OR.  Click here to register.—(contact Lynn Reeves at polygalagay@gmail.com)
Niger Mission Network Meeting: June 24-26, New Wilmington PA—(contact Don Dawson at dawsondonj@gmail.com)
South Sudan Mission Network Meeting: July 23-24, New Wilmington Mission Conference, New Wilmington, PA—(contact Denise Sciuto at dsciuto@frontierfellowship.com)
Malawi Mission Network Meeting: August 9-12, Preston Hollow PC, Dallas TX—(contact Doug Kee at jdkee@wowway.com)
Guatemala Mission Network Meeting: September 4-7, Louisville, KY—(contact Rev. Kathleen Gorman-Coombs at revkgc@aol.com)
Ghana Mission Network Meeting: September 20-22, Stony Point, NY—(contact Donna Cammarata at donna.camm@gmail.com)
Syria Lebanon Partnership Network Meeting: September 20-22, Louisville, KY—(contact Tim McCalmont at macrev44@gmail.com) or visit http://www.syrialebanonpn.org
Russia Mission Network Meeting: September 26-28, St. George, UT—(contact Deb Burgess at rmncom@hotmail.com)
DR Congo Mission Network Meeting: October 11-13, Portsmouth, VA—(contact Lis Kenas at lizkenas@icloud.com)
Cuba Partners Network Meeting: October 24-27, Leesburg, FL—(contact Elder Randy Simpson at randysimpson111@gmail.com)


Guatemala Mission Network: January 30-February 2, Guatemala City, Guatemala (contact)
Kenya Mission Network: 
Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Missions Conference:  February 20-23,  Nairobi (Click here for more information)
Haiti Network Gathering:
March 10-12, Asheville, NC (Visit our network site)
Ethiopia Mission Network Conference: 
May 4-6, Monongahela, PA (contact)
Egypt Partnership Network: July 6-8, St. Louis, MO (contact)
Niger Mission Network:  July 25-27, New Wilmington Mission Conference, New Wilmington, PA (first contact and second contact)
Malawi Mission Network: August 10-13, Omaha, NE (contact)
Ghana Mission Network: September 5-9, Ghana (contact)
Cuba Partners Network: September 12-15, Chicago, Cenacle Retreat Center (contact)
Syria Lebanon Partnership Network: September 21-23, Louisville, KY (contact)
DR Congo Mission Network: September 22-23, Lafayette, CA (contact)
Russian Mission Network Conference:  September 28-30, Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA (contact)
Madagascar Mission Network: October 12-14, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Orlando, FL (contact) (Click here to register)
Sudan/South Sudan Mission Network: October 23-24, Laws Lodge at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY (contact)
Israel Palestine Mission Network: October 25-28, Chicago, IL (contact)